Project Passama/Langendijk

The starting point for our research project is the first collaborative collection we worked on in 2017, which intertwined jewellery and fashion. In the previous project, we combined a technical textile with precious metal and called the outcome “silver fur”. Inspired by this concept, we decided to develop our new project around several subjects related to fur. In contrast to the present situation of fashion, which is marked by over-consumption and low quality products, jewellery pieces can stay in a shop for longer than one season and are valued much higher. Our intention of this project is to create research-based work that is meaningful and valuable.

For us, fur is a material which relates to fashion and jewellery. It symbolises wealth, power, glamour, heritage and, unavoidably, animal cruelty. It is a controversial material that has been continuously utilised in products of fashion and jewellery. We incorporate the values attached to fur, whether considered negative or positive, in our work and materialise them through techniques and materials from both our working fields.

In this project, we work as interdisciplinary designers. We researched, brainstormed and produced each item together in every step in the process. Our main interests, either as jewellery or fashion designer, did not limit our ideas, techniques, tasks and responsibilities. We also collaborated with creative professionals and producers to develop our own materials and products.

Noon Passama

Noon Passama is a Bangkok-born jewellery designer. In 2007, she moved to the Netherlands where she graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Her main interest is based on existing jewellery typologies in connection to broader subjects, for example, identity and language. Noon works across different genres of jewellery and collaborates between diverse artistic fields. She is interested in jewellery’s roles in different contexts.

Barbara Langendijk

Barbara Langendijk is a Dutch fashion designer. She studied fashion design at ArtEZ Fashion Masters and HKU University of the Arts. Since her graduation Barbara has been working on new interpretations of garment construction by combining it with traditional crafts, cultures, and rituals. She often collaborates with artists from other disciplines resulting in interdisciplinary works which play with mainstream fashion codes.

This project is funded by

Logo Creative Industries NL

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DVS Producties

Femke de Vries

Frank Bloem - The Snifferoo

Milou Voorwinden and Suzanne Oude Hengel

Saskia Stöckler

The Knitwear Lab

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